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All About Lisa: About

All About Me

My Spiritual Journey

I live in a little village called Sutton on Trent in Nottinghamshire with my beloved husband Chris, my beautiful daughter Amelia and our springer spaniel dog Charlie. 

A number of years ago after I was introduced to the wonderful world of  Reiki & Holistic therapies with Eliza Hodge I decided to have a peaceful and calming summer house built for Willow Holistics.
My husband Chris made all the garden look so peaceful & tranquil, I cannot thank him enough. 


It’s very important for my clients to visit a relaxed & peaceful environment, we have lots of birds and countryside around us so it’s the perfect setting for Willow Holistics.


Through meeting various people I started to go to a mediumship groups and felt a strong connection with Spirit this then made my healing feel even stronger.
It's like a could feel & I knew what I was put on this earth to do.

My purpose was to heal, it was truly amazing.

In 2016 I went for a reading with the international medium Simon Goodfellow who guided me to take this further.
I kind of had a feeling I had an connection but not to that extent.

I went on an amazing journey with Simon Goodfellow, learning how to connect with Spirit & delivering messages  from loved ones that have passed away.


This changed my life and made me who I am today, I loved every minute of my Spiritual & Psychic development with Simon Goodfellow.

I will always feel blessed to have met Simon & his husband Dave.
I love this pair very much.x

After this it was like a genie was released out of a bottle.
I started doing house parties & one to one readings.
I also was attending some Spiritual fairs and loving the energy they created.
This part of my work is so rewarding, to see that I have brought peace, guidance & clarity to peoples lives.


In 2018 one of my clients were talking about essential oils and how she loved them & the huge difference they made to her & her families lives.

I went along to a class and met my beautiful friend Kelly who taught me all about them and how to use them. 
Instantly I knew Doterra oils would make a welcome addition to the therapies I offered at Willow Holistics. 
I could see how powerful and beneficial they would be.

I brought them into Willow Holistics and started to tell all my clients about them.
I became a advocate for Doterra oils, showing people how high therapeutic oils can heal your body.
This is something I use today  in my Wellness Consultations which runs alongside the healing.

Being part of the Doterra family I was introduced to the Itovi Health Scanner.
This is a instrument that gives you a health check and reads your galvanic response from your skin, it's a bit like a fit bit.
The Itovi health scanner can tell me exactly what oils and supplements you need.

With all this knowledge of Essential oils it taught me so much about health and what we put into our bodies.
I’m such a believer in natural products and living a toxic free life.
I started to make toxic free cleaners and doing classes to show people how easy it was to do all of this for themselves.
So many people do not know what harmful ingredients go into our day to day products.
It is so important to help anyone to have more of a healthy lifestyle and help them become more emotionally balanced.

Here at Willow Holistics we make natural toxic free products like body sprays, perfumes, and specific oils tailor-made for your needs.

In 2019 Willow Holistics out grew the beauty side of my business.

 I had to make a big decision to let the beauty side of my business go.
I knew I would miss my ladies dearly but knew my path was for more the holistic side of my business.
It was a sad time but now looking back I knew I made the right move.

It was while meditation one day that my beautiful Spirit guides, guided me into my next journey with Sound & tuning forks.
I was told about a beautiful soul named Debbi Walker at Sura Sound Academy who teachers Sound healing.
I decided it was right for me and became a sound healing practitioner.

Sound healing with tuning forks is like tuning your body back together with the vibrations of sound. A bit like a piano.

This is very powerful and effective and I have been able to heal many people with anxiety, tinnitus, trapped nerves and many more symptoms.
I am truly thankfully & feel blessed.

Clients mental well being is very important these days.

With my treatments I'm able to release emotions and other symptoms.

This is all done with the Sound healing, 

Spiritual readings, Reiki and Essential oils.

This brings me a sense of peace in my work & home life.
I feel humbled everyday that someone enjoys the benefits that Willow Holistcs offer.

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