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Animial Communication

Sessions Are £40.00

Animal communication is being a voice

for animals and connecting to their energy.

Working with unconditional love and being
in the present moment allows me to connect.

I can connect distantly through a photo
or with the animal in person. 

Travel costs applies if I have to travel. 

I See You

I Feel You

I Hear You

Animal Spiritual Readings

Readings £50.00

Animal Spiritual Readings

I have been blessed to be a medium and working with my guides
and Sprit for many years. 

Many times animals have come through to give messages in readings

and have felt very blessed to have been able to do this.

Animals that have crossed over to the rainbow bridge love to connect
with their guardians to give them a sense of comfort and peace. 

Readings are done by a photo, in person , telephone or video call. 



Lisa x

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